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Shark, marine craft. By Aguiladesign.

This 3,66 meter long SHARK, from the desk of Aguiladesign, shows an extraordinary design and is equipped with 2 Gobler Hirth motors and pushing propellers. Beside of the remarkable design, the most important characteristics are its very special quality, high speed and aggressive flexibility

No concessions have been made to safety, as stability  is one of the most essential aspects of safety on sea.

In cooperation with:

For the technical analysis:

– Department of fluid mechanics of the university of Ghent, Belgium.

– L.M.S. International, Belgium.

For the financial prognosis: Ernst & Young.

For the market study: Gy Dixson

For the patents: Patent Office Gevers, Brussels.

For the work plans and materials: Maketair Avation S.L. ing. Weijdema.

For the construction of the popellers: Poncelet, Evere – Brussels.

The dimensions of this marine craft are 2.99m (w) x 3.60m (l). It is equipped with two Gobler-hirth motors and wirth 77cm pushing propellers.

Click here to see the biography of the author.

Technological offer. For more information, mail to aguiladesign@hotmail.com.

shark in action


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