To the artists:

Looking for unoccupied churches, together with interested artists, who would like to co-create this project in a responsible way and use these spaces in a constructive way.

Unoccupied churches have become common images in Western Europe and this situation is becoming more general.

By the time these monumental spaces have always had a spiritual hand with art. They are very interesting architectonic constructions, for which a new function could be created, making use of these monumental spaces in favor of the free creative spirit, awe, eternity, which can be brought to life as an inspiring meeting place.

By using the unoccupied spaces for experiments, which avoids having to think in finished images from the beginning, different impulses may arise. Thus artists, but also interdisciplinary teams such as architects, artists and musician, could use this monumentality  to develop new strategies.

The power of creativity can generate impulses as to places that seem to be lost, it is our aim to fill  this emptiness with both hands.


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